Using Azure Functions to configure GitHub branch protection
Passing Azure Marketplace leads to HubSpot
Generating random Marvel names for your Azure resources
Switching between Kubernetes cluster contexts stored in Azure Key Vault
Turning off Virtual Machines with Alexa, IFTTT and Azure Functions
Working with Microsoft.CostManagement queries (2/2): Partner Earned Credits
Working with Microsoft.CostManagement queries (1/2)
Festive Tech Hackathon
Azure Resource Change Reporting using the Resource Change History API, Azure Functions and Blazor
Scaling Azure Functions from zero to (n) hero on Kubernetes with KEDA
Flashing Philips Hue lights with Azure Functions and Azure Service Health
Deploying ARM Templates with the arm-deploy GitHub Action
Azure Lighthouse - Control which managing tenants can be delegated to
Using Azure Key Vault secrets in PowerShell scripting
Working with Pull Requests, Status Checks, ARM Templates and GitHub Actions
Running the Azure Resource Manager Template Toolkit on GitHub Actions
Billing and Cost Management: Microsoft Partner Agreement vs. Microsoft Customer Agreement
Transferring EA Subscriptions to CSP
Azure Advent Calendar - Azure Blueprints
Azure Plans - Azure Consumption APIs and Partner Earned Credits
Creating Customer subscriptions under an Azure plan using the REST API
Deploying and managing your Azure Blueprints as Code
Deploying and managing your first Landing zone with Azure Blueprints
Why you need to build landing zones (and use Azure Blueprints)
Preparing Azure Lighthouse customer subscriptions for Azure Blueprints
Building cross-tenant views and Dashboards with Azure Lighthouse and Resource Graph
Becoming an Azure Resource Graph Ninja
The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework - Improvise, Adapt, Improve
Azure Lighthouse - How to detect when access is delegated to you and automate your customer onboarding process
Automating change detection using Resource Graph and Change History
Azure Lighthouse - Management at scale - Considerations and use cases
Introduction to PowerShell on Azure Functions
Receive Kudu and Web App deployment information through Azure Logic Apps
Azure Functions as an endpoint for your Automation Runbooks
Azure Blueprints level parameters and why you should use them
Azure App Services - When do you plan for scaling?

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